Anatole Mori

Associate Professor of Classical Studies/Curator, AMS Social Media & Website
112 B Swallow Hall
(573) 882-2038

PhD University of Chicago (2000) Classics

MA University of Chicago (1992) Classics

BA University of Virginia (1990) Classics and Comparative Literature

Research Interests

Hellenistic literature, culture, and society


Anatole Mori is the chair of the Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies. She came to the University of Missouri in 2000 after receiving an MA and PhD in Classics from the University of Chicago and a BA in Classics and Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia.  A specialist in early Hellenistic (3rd century BCE) literature, she teaches ancient Greek and reading courses in Greek literature as well as courses in translation on Greek culture and society, with a particular emphasis on ancient attitudes to gender and ethnicity.  Her interdisciplinary research examines the historical context of Greek poetry, focusing on how contact with other societies altered the traditional representation of Greek identity in literary culture.

Her book, The Politics of Apollonius Rhodius' Argonautica (Cambridge 2008) analyzes the reshaping of heroic epic in accordance with Ptolemaic ideology.  Most recently her article “Archives, Innovation, and the Neomorphic Cyclops," appeared in 2017 issue of Aitia on "The Rhetoric of Old and New in the Hellenistic Period”  Her work has appeared in the American Journal of Philology, Oral Tradition, and edited volumes for Blackwell and Brill. She is the recipient of a Loeb Classical Library Foundation Research Fellowship and an MU Arts and Science Faculty Fellowship. 

She is part of an international team of ninety scholars engaged in a long-term digital humanities project: the preparation of a new edition of the fragmentary writings and testimonia of ancient Greek historians for the on-line Brill's New Jacoby (ed. I. Worthington).  Ongoing projects include a book-length study of the construction of female authority in Hellenistic poetry as well as extensive revisions of fourteen BNJ fragmentary authors for Brill's New Jacoby 2.  She is active in local organizations for the promotion of classics as well as the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. In 2011 she founded the Heartland Graduate Workshop in Ancient Studies, an annual meeting sponsored by graduate programs in the central United States for the promotion of scholarly and professional connections among graduate students in classics and related disciplines. 

Current initiatives include chairing the College of A&S planning committee for the Fall 2019 Gender and Translation Series. The keynote speaker of the series is Emily Wilson (University of Pennsylvania), the first woman to translate Homer's Odyssey into English. Throughout the fall 2019 semester MU faculty, students, and alumni will participate in lectures, panels, readings, and tutorials on issues related to various aspects of translation.

In 2019 she developed a campus-wide Environmental Humanities research group with faculty from the College of A&S, CAFNR, College of Engineering, Honors College, MU Research Reactor, Museum of Anthropology, and the Museum of Art and Archaeology. This new initiative integrates humanities faculty with faculty from social and natural sciences to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration on (1)  lectures and research summits, (2) new curriculum and certification at graduate and undergraduate levels, and (3) strategic research proposals on past, present, and future intersections between climate and the economy of human culture, politics, and society.

Courses Taught

Greek 9687 Seminar in Greek Epic Poetry 

AMS 9487 Ancient Literary Criticism 

AMS 9287 Seminar in the Hellenistic Age

Greek 8010 Greek Rough Guide 

Greek 8000 Proseminar in Greek Texts

Greek 4700/7700 Survey of Greek Literature: Hellenistic Epic

AMS 4400/7400 Ancient Pastoral (in Greek and Latin)

Greek 4560/7560 Greek Historians

Greek 4550/7550 Greek Philosophers

Greek 4530/7530 Greek Lyric Poetry

Greek 1100-1200 Elementary Ancient Greek I and II

Greek 2000 Greek Reading

Greek 4300/7300 Intermediate Readings

AMS 4550/7550 Literature & Culture of the Hellenistic Age

AMS 3750 Classics in a Cross-Cultural Context

AMS 3700 Women in the Ancient World 

AMS 3600 Ancient Novel

AMS 3550 Advanced Mythology 

AMS 3450 Greek and Roman Characters and Ideals

AMS 3000 Foreigners and Dangerous Women

AMS 2100 Greek Culture

AMS 2005 Monsters and Metamorphs

AMS 1060 Classical Mythology 


Select Publications

The Politics of Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica. Cambridge. 2008

“What the Cyclops Saw: Self-Knowledge in Theocritus’ Idylls 6 and 11.” In L. Athansassaki, C. Nappa, and A. Vergados, (eds.) Gods and Mortals in Greek and Roman Poetry. Ariadne Supplement 2. 2019

“Archives, Innovation, and the Neomorphic Cyclops.” In Andrew Faulkner (ed.), Revue Aitia. Regards sur la culture hellenistique au siecle. “The Rhetoric of Old and New in the Hellenistic Period.” Vol. 7 2017

“Literature in the Hellenistic World.” In M. Hose and D. Schenker (eds.) A Companion to Greek Literature. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. Malden MA & Oxford. 2016. 89-111

“Demetrios of Argos/Damen” #304. Brill’s New Jacoby 2, Ian Worthington (ed.) 2019 

“Autocharis” #249 Brill’s New Jacoby 2, Ian Worthington (ed.) 2018

“Antileon” #247. Brill’s New Jacoby 2, Ian Worthington (ed.) 2017

“Xenocrates” #248. Brill’s New Jacoby 2, Ian Worthington (ed.) 2017





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