AMS Lecture: “Suspicion, Projection, Conviction: Making Enemies in Early Christianity”

Ellen Muehlberger
Zoom lecture
Ellen Muehlberger, Professor of History and Middle East Studies at the University of Michigan, will deliver a lecture entitled “Suspicion, Projection, Conviction: Making Enemies in Early Christianity” on Friday, November 6, 4:00 Central Time.   Professor Muehlberger’s talk will focus on the phenomenon of late ancient Christians who, becoming convinced their neighbors were keeping secrets—whether hidden identities, covert practices, or mysterious alliances—believed them to be imposters.  Professor Muehlberger has published on a wide range of topics and her most recent monograph, Moment of Reckoning: Imagined Death and Its Consequences in Late Ancient Christianity, appeared last year with Oxford University Press.    Professor Muehlberger’s talk is sponsored by the Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies of the University of Missouri in association with the Regional Late Antiquity Consortium Southeast (ReLACS). A Zoom link and more information will be available closer to the date: