What majoring in Ancient Mediterranean Studies can do for you

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies (AMS) addresses all aspects of life in ancient Greece and Rome, North Africa, the Near East, and other ancient and medieval civilizations bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

AMS offers a congenial academic home in a big university.  We offer large popular lectures, like “Classical Mythology,” and smaller, discussion-oriented courses, like “Women in the Ancient World.”  You can get to know your fellow AMS students well, and your professors will encourage and actively support your academic progress, both at Missouri and beyond.

In addition to sending students to the most prestigious Archaeology and Classics graduate programs, we can help you improve your GRE scores and prepare you for almost any graduate program.  AMS majors outperform all others on LSAT and MCAT exams.

Employers know that students with a background in Classical languages and historical Archaeology know how to read original and difficult texts, how to think about them critically, and how to communicate these thoughts persuasively in presentations and on paper. Our students often do internships and go on to graduate study in public history and related fields, and we now offer secondary school teaching certification for students who take Latin.  Training in archaeology equips you with skills in visual analysis and contextual interpretation to work as an investigator in field excavations, as a museum curator, or as a registrar of historical collections.