Spring 2018 AMS Courses

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies is the new home of Classical Studies and Classical Archaeology at Mizzou!

Learn to read the literature of ancient Greece and Rome!  Greek and Latin fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement.  You can start Latin in Fall or Spring, or Greek every fall.  Latin is also available on-line!

This spring we are offering courses on Ancient Technology (ArHA 2410), Roman Art and Archaeology (ArHA 3410), and Byzantine Art and Archaeology (ArHA 4510), as well as many Classical Humanities courses on the literature, culture, and society of the ancient Mediterranean world.  

This spring you can also take two online Classical Humanities courses: Greek and Roman Epic (ClHum 3520) and Ancient World on Film (ClHum 3750).

Questions?  Interested in a Major or Minor? Contact Prof. Matt Farmer or Prof. Marcus Rautman.