MOCA presentation by Clarabelle Fields and Sarah Buchanan Primary tabs

At the fall meeting of the Missouri Classical Association (Columbia Independent School, Sept. 30, 2017), Sarah Buchanan, an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Sciences in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, and Clarabelle Fields, a senior in the Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies, presented "The Changing Faces of Classical Scholarship in ArCla." Ms. Fields has been working with Prof. Buchanan, who received the Richard Wallace Incentive Grant in 2016 to create the first directory to the archival papers of American classicists and classical archaeologists. ArCla focuses in particular on scholars who are refugees and women.  Their presentation included a brief biography of the life of Prof. Luitpold Wallach, with photographs provided by our own Barbara Wallach.  

Sarah Buchanan (left) and Clarabelle Fields