AMS Faculty Profile: Natasha Binek

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Natasha Binek has joined the AMS faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 2019-2020. 

Her research focuses on the reception of Greek poetry in Latin literature;

"For the last few years I have been looking at the Aeneid and its engagement with the Greek poetic tradition, particularly as it concerns Aphrodite and her sphere of influence. I am currently working on a piece that aims both to provide a (much-needed) overview of the distinct features of the long-standing debate concerning the authenticity of the Helen Episode (Aen. 2.567-288) and to offer fresh contributions on the subject. In the future, I would like to consider questions about the nature and conceptual framework of divine suffering in the Greco-Roman imagination, especially as it is articulated in the literary tradition, where gods are often defined as distinct from mortals not only by their immortality, but also by the happiness of their existence. While I am always thrilled to ponder the Aeneid with my students, I also love to guide them in their exploration of Homer, Greek drama, Hellenistic poetry, and the Latin verse of Catullus and Vergil’s contemporaries."

In spring 2020 Prof. Binek will be teaching AMS 3150 Age of Augustus as well as a Latin class on Augustan Literature (Latin 4540/7540) and a 2000-level Latin reading course.