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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies explores the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Our courses offer something for everyone: from art, music, poetry, history, and society, to mythology, archaeology, philosophy, and ancient technology. Many of our courses use primary sources in translation that bring to life these monumental societies and show how they continue to influence and inform our world today. If you take our ancient Greek and Latin courses you will improve your GPA and GRE scores by developing intellectual rigor, boosting your vocabulary, and mastering grammar and the roots of medical and legal terminology. You can even get credit for visiting mainland Greece and the islands of the Mediterranean on our very popular Greek Study Abroad Trip!

Undergraduate Program Overview

Graduate Program

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies offers graduate work leading to the degrees of Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in three (3) main areas: Languages and Literature, Archaeology, and Arts and Humanities. The basis of work in these areas is the study of the literary and material cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. We encourage applications from talented and committed students who have an appreciation of the rich, many-faceted nature of the ancient world and an interest in discovering a place of their own in it.

Graduate Program Overview

Why AMS?

AMS majors' scores rank among the highest of all undergraduate majors on the GRE and LSAT tests.