Graduate Students

Name Email Interest
Bohan, Michael Roman Elegy, Greek and Roman Oratory, Ciceronian Philosophy
Brakebill, Samuel Greek Tragedy, Magic in the Ancient World, Papyrology
Buchheim, Andrew 

Mystery Cults, Greco-Roman Religion, Depictions of the Afterlife
Celmer, Christian Reception Studies, Ovid, Roman Stoicism
Claiborn, Charles  
Czujko, Stephen  
D'Acri, Mattia Pre-Roman Archaology in Italy, Magna Graecia Archaeology, Pottery
Harder, Matthew Topography of Rome, cultural interactions in central Italy, digital tools in archaeology
Harper, Kristin Ancient Religion, Classical Archaeology, Water Usage, Ancient Recipes
James, Justin Ancient Military History, Greek and Roman Historiography, Roman Culture and History
Lockett, Olivia  
Mallinson, Kristine Bronze Age Archaeology, Mortuary Studies, Identity Theory
Matheny, Megan Ancient Religion, Gender and Sexuality
McGraw, Claire Julio-Claudian Dynasty, Rituals of Apotheosis
Prosch, Emily Greek Archaeology, Ritual and Religion, Aegean Bronze Age Transition
Simonson, Christopher Classical Archaeology, Ancient Religion, Early Christianity
Sullivan, Michael  
Ursprung, Laura