Course Offerings

We are currently (as of spring 2018) in the process of renaming our degrees. In the future we will offer the BA, MA, and PhD in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (AMS).  Students will be able to satisfy these degrees with several different kinds of courses: classical culture (with materials in English translation), Greek and/or Latin language and literature, and/or historical archaeology. 

We are also working to simplifying the curriculum designators for most of our courses. Courses currently listed as Classics, Classical Humanities and Classical Archaeology will be listed as AMS.   

For example:

  1. CL_ HUM 1060 Classical Myth will become AMS 1060
  2. CLASS 4100 History of Greek and Latin Languages will become AMS 4100
  3. ArHA 2940 Archaeological Methods will become AMS 2940

Important point:   no change is requested for Greek and Latin courses.